Almost a Dream,

Sampson Low (May, 2019)

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ISBN 978-1-912960-16-3

A6 Size

16 printed colour pages

Print run of 200

Price – £2.60

Launched: 15th May 2019

Almost a Dream was launched at the Poetry Café in May 2019, as part of event series Corrupted Poetry. Extracts from 'Almost a Dream' were accompanied by musicians Oliver Fox (sitar) and Sean Tomlin (electronic music). Organised by Nic Stringer, Michelle Penn and Fiona Larkin, the event featured performances by Sophie Herxheimer, Ella Frears, Kostya Tsolakis and Aviva Dautch.

'Almost a Dream is a tentative oscillation across a changing landscape. Inspired by and physically enveloped in eroded fragments of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Astra Papachristodoulou’s sequence glides through eight distinct compositions, each bearing a singular climate, texture, and gestural quality.'
- Iris Colomb      


About the publisher:

Sampson Low, as an imprint, has existed for over two hundred years. Today it's still – or again – managed by the Low family, and based just outside London. One newish interest is in publishing small-scale poetry chapbooks, often combining the work of writers and artists.

Almost a Dream was included in Mileva Anastasiadou's top reads for 2019 at Queen Mob's Teahouse here.