Almost a Nightmare,

Sampson Low (October, 2017)

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ISBN 978-1-910578-68-1

A6 Size

16 printed colour pages

Print run of 350

Price – £2.60

Launched: 30th October 2017

Almost a Nightmare was launched with Contraband Live in October 2017. The event took place at the Apollo Room above The Crown on Clerkenwell Green, and featured launches by poets Eleanor Perry, Dorothy Lehane, and Rhys Trimble. The chapbook was also presented at the Small Publishers' Fair on the 11th November 2017 with a reading taking place at the Green Room of Conway Hall.

Almost a Nightmare starts as a recount and a musing on the Fire of London but also traces the way that music can invade the imagination, and the body. A spine of moonlight moves through London like the Thames, and scorched manuscript mark the edges of Beethoven’s sonata. Fire and music merge as poet and music does and the rush of fingers across the page, the chords and the city is the music as it flits across 's he - -'. - Sarah Cave                                                                                                          About the publisher:

Sampson Low, as an imprint, has existed for over two hundred years. Today it's still – or again – managed by the Low family, and based just outside London. One newish interest is in publishing small-scale poetry chapbooks, often combining the work of writers and artists.