I'm starting to believe in pre-nostalgia, collaboration with Vik Shirley, Niall Firth and Matthew Haigh for Magma Magazine



A Pot of Spores, collaboration with Maria Sledmere at the Torriano Meeting House, London

Dirt, collaboration with Oliver Fox and Sean Tomlin at the Poetry Café, London

European Poetry Festival, collaboration with Lina Buividavičiūtė at the Rick Mix, London

European Poetry Camarade, collaboration with Michal Piotrowski at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Instruct-Act-Attempt, collaboration with Sarah Dawson at the Museum of Futures, London

Pathetic Pathogens, collaboration with Oliver Fox at the Avivson Gallery, London

The Vienna Camarade, collaboration with Arvis Viguls at the Einbaumöbel, Vienna 


European Camarade, collaboration with Ellie Tsatsou, at the Rich Mix, London

Ampersand Exhibition, collaboration with Emily Russell Thomas, London

HVTN Magazine (Issue 4.1), collaboration with Emily Russell Thomas

European Poetry Festival Camarade, collaboration with Muanis Sinanović, London

Scribbling & Scrawling, collaboration with Dacy Lim at the Museum of Futures, London


European Poetry Night, collaboration with Henriette Støren at the Rich Mix, London 

University Camarade, collaboration with Phoebe Power at the Rich Mix, London 

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