Crescent Earth,

Broken Sleep Books (March, 2021)

Sold out

Munken Lynx Rough (90gsm)

Cover: Tintoretto Black Pepper (250gsm)

Endpaper: Celestial Astro Vellum

Print run of 30

Price – £8.00

Launched: 15th March 2021

Crescent Earth is the 13th chapbook of Broken Sleep's limited edition Legitimate Snack series. It comprises of 9 minimalist poems written about Earth from the perspective of neighbouring planets. The chapbook sold out in less than a day.  

About the publisher:

Broken Sleep Books are a small, innovative press, who publish a range of pamphlets and collections, from a range of writers. We particularly wish to encourage more working-class writers, LGBTQ+, and BAME writers to submit.