Curator of visual poetry exhibitions

Astra is the founder and curator of Poem Atlas, a poetry platform that has showcased over 100 visual poets around the world as part of a series of innovative online and physical exhibitions. Poem Atlas aims to showcase the best of visual and experimental poetry in the UK and beyond, focussing on the work of poets who explore the performative aspect of tangible poems, and merge poetry and visual art to create unique visual-textual works. In addition to this work, Astra has also assisted in the delivery of several exhibition's at The Poetry Society's Café as part of her role in the organisation since 2018. 

Selected curated events

2020, Future-Facing, Poem Atlas website

2020, Escapisms, Poem Atlas website

2020, Temporary Spaces, The Poetry Café, London

2019, Blockplay, Poetry Café, London

2019, The Yellow Book Exhibition, Westminster Reference Library, London

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