2019-2022, University of Surrey, PhD in Experimental Poetics

2016-2017, Royal Holloway University of London, MA Poetic Practice

2009-2013, University of Surrey, BA (Hons) Theatre Studies


2018 - now, Editorial Assistant (freelance) at The Poetry Review

2019 - now, Editor at Pamenar Press

2019-2020, Poetry Editor at WhyNow Magazine



2020, Astropolis (expanded edition) by Hesteglock Press

2020, Co-edited Temporary Spaces (anthology) by Pamenar Press

2019, Blockplay (pamphlet), published by Hesterglock Press

2019, Stargazing (pamphlet), published by Guillemot Press

2019, Perseverance Valley Interrupted (chapbook), published by Stegosaurus

2019, Almost a Dream (chapbook), published by Sampson Low

2019, Imprints We Leave Behind (chapbook), published by Gang Press

2018, Clockwork (pamphlet), published by Ampersand Publishing

2018, Astropolis (pamphlet), published by HVTN Press

2017, Almost a Nightmare (chapbook), published by Sampson Low

Contribution in Anthologies:

2020, Chris Holmes: Hidden in Chaos by Trope

2020, Green Blues by Dovetail Press

2020, Instagram Poetry for Every Day by National Poetry Library

2020, Writing Utopia by Hesterglock Press

2020, Temporary Spaces by Pamenar Press

2019, O Moon Moon Cento by The Poetry Society

2019, Dirt by Corrupted Poetry

2019, Europoe by Kingston University Press

2019, Berfrois: The Book by Dostoyevsky Wannabe

2018, The Creel by Guillemot Press

2018, No, Robot, No! by Sidekick Books

2018, Wretched Strangers by Boiler House Press

2018, Bedford Square Anthology 11 by Ward Wood

Printed Magazine Publications

2020, I'm starting to believe in pre-nostalgia in Issue 78 of Magma Poetry

2020, Selected constellations at Buzdokuz

2019, Selection Tool in Alterity 5 by Corbel Stone Press

2019, Selected poems from 'Stargarzing' in Issue 9 of Fur-lined Ghettos

2019, Selected poems from 'Stargarzing' in Issue 3 of Stag Hill Journal

2019, Flights, issue 2 of ToCall Magazine

2018, Glass Apex and Reflexia in issue 9 of The Projectionist's Playground

2018, Dots and Helix, Issue 4.1 of HTVN Magazine

2018, Zn for Trauma and Flexland, Volume 2 Issue 1 of Eborakon Journal

2017, Hypnosis 400gr and Gastropod Euphoriathird issue of the Tangerine

2017, Glamorama and How to Clean Your Toilet in Summer Issue of Cuntry Living Zine

Online Magazine Publications

2020, Sea to Spawn film poem at Mercurius Magazine

2020, Selected constellation poems at Babel Tower Notice Board

2020, Go past here time and again at Periodicities Journal

2020, uninhabited forests at Crisiology

2020, Test Tubes #1 at Perspektive's 'Avant-garde Boot camp'

2020, A to Z at ZenoMagazine

2020, Ecliptic at Dusie Magazine

2020, Two constellation poems at Issue 3 of Kanstellation Magazine

2020, Labyrinth in The Abandoned Playground

2020, On Neo-futurist Poetics, in Ambit Magazine

2020, Layering Gaze at Anthropocene Journal

2019, Selected poems at Pamenar Press Magazine

2019, Zoomorhphic and Decoded at Burning House Press (Voices Issue)

2019, Selected constellations poems at Queen Mob's Tea House

2019, Selected poems from 'Stargazing' in Issue 10 of Petrichor Journal 

2019, Selected poems from 'Stargarzing' in Issue 2 of Harana Poetry

2019, Fear is a Colour and Furry Spirit at Berfrois Magazine

2018, Selected poems from Astropolis at Burning House Press (November Issue)

2018, Collected constellation poems at November Issue of Stride Magazine

2018, Androgynous in issue 4 of Moonchild Magazine

2018, Mirrorcube at issue  9 of Datableed Zine

2018, Aphrodite, Galaxoplasty, In denial, Best Friend Goals and No Hope at Issue 1 of Erotoplasty

2017, QR Hypnoburst, 2017 Advent Calendar of Sidekick Books

2017, Poems from my 'Aphrodisiac' sequence at 3:am magazine

2017, 700,513 views, November issue of Stride Magazine

2017, Zig Zags in November Issue of Stride Magazine

2017, Below Ground Level in Young Poets Network website

2016, Idle Idols, Appliqué Lace and Miss V, in Synchronised Chaos Magazine

2016, Memoirs of a Whore in Vol 3, Chapter 6 of Visual Verse Anthology

2016, Rays of Pain in Issue 46 of Streetcake Magazine 

2017, Ostracised and 19XX in March Issue of Stride Magazine

Poetry Readings/Performances

2020, Performed at the launch of Temporary Spaces at the Poetry Café, London

2020, Performed at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, Winchester

2019, Reading selected poems at the Spike, Guildford

2019, Poets in the Library at the Westminster Reference Library, London

2019, Blockplay book launch at the Poetry Café, London

2019, Reading from Stargazing at Chener Books, London

2019, Reading at the Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival, Bodmin

2019, Performing from 'imprints we leave behind' at the Beehive, London 

2019, Performance at The Poet's Brut Exhibition Launch at the Poetry Cafe, London

2019, Eel-themed performance with Guillemot Press at the Dutch Church, London

2019, Performing as part of the Enemies Project at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, London

2019, Reading from 'Almost a Dream' at the South London Gallery 

2019, Performing at The Poetry Society's Poem-A-Thon at the Poetry Cafe, London

2019, Performing at the Heroines Launch at the Harrison Pub, London

2019, Performing with Oliver Fox and Sean Tomlin at Dirt at the Poetry Cafe, London

2019, Reading at the Queen Mob's Tea Party at the Torriano Meeting House, London

2019, Reading at the Berfrois Anthology Book Launch at the Second Shelf, London

2019, Reading from Wretched Strangers at Xing the Line at the Iklectik, London

2018, Performance at IGNOR Festival at Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

2018, Ampersand Poetry Night at 504 Arch, London

2018, Reading at Writers' Centre Kingston event at the Rose Theatre, Kingston

2018, Neo-futurist Manifesto at the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair, London

2018, Bedford Square 11 launch at the Senate House, London

2018, PRAXIS 10 at the Café OTO, London

2018, A-Z of Villainy at the Betsey Trotwood, London

2018, 'Astropolis' book launch at the Peckham Pelican, London

2018, Performing at the Theatre of Failure Poetry Night, London

2018, Opening night of the European Poetry Festival at the Rose Theatre, Kingston

2017, Reading from 'Almost a Nightmare' at Conway Hall, London

2017, 'Almost a Nightmare' book launch with Contraband Live, London

2017, Poetry Reading at the Kensal Green Cemetery Chapel, London

2017, European Poetry reading at Libreria, London

2016, Reading from 'Tinsel Puke and Beetlejuice' at Conway Hall, London


2020, I'm starting to believe in pre-nostalgia, collaboration with Vik Shirley, Niall Firth and Matthew Haigh for Magma Magazine

2019, A Pot of Spores, collaboration with Maria Sledmere at Torriano Meeting House, London

2019, Dirt, collaboration with Oliver Fox and Sean Tomlin at the Poetry Café, London

2019, European Poetry Festival, collaboration with Lina Buividavičiūtė at the Rick Mix, London

2019, European Camarade, collaboration with Michal Piotrowski at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury

2019, Instruct-Act-Attempt, collaboration with Sarah Dawson at the Museum of Futures, London

2019, Pathetic Pathogens, collaboration with Oliver Fox at the Avivson Gallery, London

2019, The Vienna Camarade, collaboration with Arvis Viguls at the Einbaumöbel, Vienna 

2018, European Camarade, collaboration with Ellie Tsatsou, at the Rich Mix, London

2018, Ampersand Exhibition, collaboration with Emily Russell Thomas, London

2018, HVTN Magazine (Issue 4.1), collaboration with Emily Russell Thomas

2018, European Poetry Festival, collaboration with Muanis Sinanović, Rich Mix, London

2018, Scribbling & Scrawling, collaboration with Dacy Lim at the Museum of Futures, London

2017, European Poetry Night, collaboration with Henriette Støren at the Rich Mix, London 

2017, University Camarade, collaboration with Phoebe Power at the Rich Mix, London 


2019, Reading Pond by Harry Gilonis for the Konch Podcast

2019, Wilderness for the poetry blog of Pamenar Press

2019, Reading from Mina Loy's 'The Lunar Baedeker' in Ep. 69 of a poem a week

2019, Reading a selection of poems at Episode 121 of Lunar Poetry Podcasts 

2019, Heliolatry at Ep.58 of a poem a week

2017, Experiment B and Beauty Bias at Issue 2 of Rascal Journal


2019, Neo-futurism and Beyond, artBLAB at Canvas Café, London

2018, Talk on Mina Loy and Futurism, Dead [Women] Poets Society at the Poetry Cafè, London



2018, Review of Nic Stringer's 'A day that you happen to know' in Autumn Issue 68 of Tears in the Fence

2017, Review of Rosmarie Waldrop's 'White is a Color' in November Issue of Stride Magazine

2017, Review of Daragh Breen's 'What the Wolf Heard' in June Issue of Stride Magazine


2019, Shortlisted for the Zealous Mixed Media Art Prize, UK

2018, Not the Not the Booker Prize winner, UK

2017, Commended at the YPN Edgelands challenge, UK

2016, Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize winner, UK

Group Exhibitions

2020, Hesterglock Press Exhibition, Neck of the Woods Cafe, Bristol

2020, Poetry Illustrated: a Teenagers View, Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton

2020, Temporary Spaces, The Poetry Café, London

2020, Double Six, Kingston Museum, Kingston

2019, Blockplay Group Exhibition, Poetry Café, London

2019, The Yellow Book Exhibition, Westminster Reference Library

2019, Behind the mask, Another mask, October Gallery, London

2019, Groving: Acts of Resistance, Street Exhibition in Bury St Edmunds

2019, The Poet's Brut Group Exhibition, Poetry Cafe, London

2019, Poetography Exhibition, Museum of Futures, London

2019, Love Tokens and Bad Pennies Exhibition at #unsettledgallery, London

2018, Ampersand poetry & art evening, 504 Arch, London

2018, Instagram Poetry Exhibition, National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre), London

2018, Scribbling & Scrawling Exhibition, Museum of Futures, London

2016, Pébéo Art Exhibition, A&D Gallery, London

2014, Pro Arté International Group Exhibition, The Studio, Guildford

2013, Group Student Design Show, Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford

2013, Pro Arté International Group Exhibition, The Studio, Guildford

Online Exhibitions

2020, Future-Facing at Poem Atlas website

2020, artBLAB:Text at artBLAB website

2020, Escapisms at Poem Atlas website

2020, Trånslatiøns at Mellom Press

2020, Islet Zone at Poem Atlas website


2020, Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize (18-23 Poetry category)


2019, Roger and Laura Farnworth Arts Residency, Bodmin

Translations include poems into:

Slovenian by Muanis Sinanović, Spanish by Enrique Viana Suberviola, Russian by Maria Malinovskaya.

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