Article about emerging poetry presses in the latest Poetry News

So pleased to see my piece about a selection of sparking new presses in the Summer issue of the Poetry News! Featuring Osmosis Press, Nine Pens and Black sunflowers Poetry Press.



Debut poetry collection inspired by the recognised 88 constellations

I could not be more thrilled to share my debut collection Constellations out with Guillemot Press

on March 17th! It’s hardback & foiled! Stars, sky-seas, rockets and bluebirds all come together to navigate the mysteries of the night sky. Copies here.

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An erasure poem to raise awareness for bisexual erasure and biphobia

Poem Atlas released a limited edition A5 print of

my ‘bi-erasure poem’ to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month! The poem received over 16,000 likes and retweets on Twitter. Copies available here.

A4 bi-erasure.jpg


New exercise book of visual poetry, out with Penteract Press

Calling all teachers of visual poetry and writing prompt enthusiasts! I released my first exercise book of visual poetry, Inside Ocean Größt’s Time Capsule, with the wonderful Penteract Press and you get order your copy here.



Astra's bee-themed sculptural poem at the July issue of beekeeping magazine Bee Craft

This excellent beekeeping magazine published a feature about my PhD creative project ‘Melissa’ which involves sculptural poems themed around bees & sustainability! You can subscribe to the magazine here.



Included in the dream anthology Judith: Women Make Visual Poetry by Timglaset

Judith is a 260-page, full-colour book featuring visual poetry from 36 women in 21 countries. The anthology is edited by Amanda Earl. I am beyond grateful to have been published amongst so many women who I admire. More information here.



'bee war' is selected for the 9th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece

It's excellent news that my film poem 'bee war' has been selected for the 9th International Video Poetry Festival that will take place in March 2021. Organised by the Institute for Experimental Arts in cooperation with Void Network. More here.

αρχείο λήψης.png


One of my poems turned into a song by Romanian band Ineffable!

'Fear is a Colour' has been turned into a song by a talented group of musicians from Romania! Vocals from Regián Rékata, keyboard by Lukács Márton, bass guitar and synth bass by Tihamér Szereceán and drums by Szerecean Osszian. Listen here.

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Bunnies Behind Bars, a new collaborative

book with John Kilburn is out now

I'm pleased to publish a new book with KFS Press involving labyrinths, lab testing and a lot of fluffiness! Thanks to Alec Newman for making it a reality. You can fetch a copy at the KFS Press site here.

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New chapbook Crescent Earth is now out with Broken Sleep Book's Legitimate Snack!

My new planet-themed chapbook with is out in a limited edition of 30 copies. It comprises of 10 minimalist poems written about Earth from the perspective of other planets with beautiful Celestial Astro Vellum endpapers. More here.



Included in list that features innovative women poets at The Minnesota Review

Amanda Hodes writes, "What I love most about Papachristdoulou’s work is how it plays with the material stickiness of language, enacting how language conglomerates to cohere meaning." Read the article here.

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Just In! My visual poem 'book babel' was released in a face mask by Pro Apparel

London-based Pro Apparel have released a limited edition face mask that features my sculpture bio-resin poem 'book babel'. 15% from each sale are kindly donated to the NHS. Buy your mask here.

Book Babel_MockSample_V2.png


Mentioned in British Innovative Report by Madelaine Culver

Madeleine Culver reports on engaging poetic works online and in print that have helped her to better understand where and her own work fits into the contemporary poetry landscape. Read Culver's report here.

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Included in an excellent list of Best Innovative Poetry at SJ Fowler's blog

European Poetry Festival director SJ Fowler reports on his favourite avant-garde poetry releases of 2020 and provides a very interesting account of British Innovative Poetry. Read the report here.