No, Robot, No!

Sidekick Books (September, 2018)

ISBN 978‑1‑909560‑27‑7

Price – £10.00

Launches: TBC

Robots and AI are a part of our past, present and future. Let No, Robot, No be your interactive guide book to the coming robotics revolution: a whirring, clanking trip into the uncanny valley. Human and automaton meet, mesh and clash in pages of fizzing lyricism and dizzying colour, exploring the poetics of AI, androids and digital sentience. The most important component is you: activate the book with your handprint. Hack its core programming with your own code. Be the ghost in the machine.

From the publisher:

The robots are not just coming – they're already here. No, Robot, No! is your all-whirring, all-processing guide to robots, AI and digital consciousness. From cyborgs to love machines, ethics to algorithms, Wall-E to Roomba, this inquisitive handbook delves into the wires of our lives with machines.



Rowyda Amin, Andre Bagoo, Clive Birnie, Theodoros Chiotis, Angela Cleland, Iris Colomb, Joey Connolly, Ria Dastidar, Rishi Dastidar, Sarah Dawson, Harry Giles, Matthew Haigh, Cliff Hammett, Tom Humberstone, Yvonne Litschel, James Midgley, Gabrielle Nolan, Ollie Palmer, Astra Papachristodoulou, Abigail Parry, Flo Reynolds, Adam Samson, Ruth Stacey, Alex Stevens, Becky Varley-Winter, Katy Wareham Morris, Rebecca Wigmore, Chrissy Williams, Cat Woodward.


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About the publisher:

Sidekick Books is manned by Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving, under the auspices of notorious ex-alchemist Dr Fulminare (that's 'fuhl-muh-nar-ee'). They've been around since 2009. 

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