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Object Poems


2020, Co-edited and contributed to Temporary Spaces by Pamenar Press

2019, Blockplay (pamphlet), published by Hesterglock Press

2019, Stargazing (pamphlet), published by Guillemot Press

2019, Almost a Dream (chapbook), published by Sampson Low

2018, Clockwork (pamphlet), published by Ampersand Publishing

2018, Astropolis (poetry collection), published by HVTN Press

2017, Almost a Nightmare (chapbook), published by Sampson Low

2016, Tinsel Puke and Beetlejuice (book art)

Links to poetry online


Two geoglyph poems at Burning House Press (Voices Issue)

Selected constellations poems at Queen Mob's Tea House

Selected poems from 'Stargarzing' in Issue 2 of Harana Poetry

Selected poems from Stargazing in Issue 10 of Petrichor Journal 


Fear is a Colour and Furry Spirit at Berfrois Magazine

Selected poems from Astropolis at Burning House Press (Future Issue)

Planet Grinning Soul at November Issue of Stride Magazine

Antlia at November Issue of Stride Magazine

Androgynous in issue 4 of Moonchild Magazine

Galaxoplasty and other poems, Issue 1 of Erotoplasty


QR Hypnoburst, at the 2017 Advent Calendar of Sidekick Books

Experiment B, at Issue 2 of Rascal Journal

Beauty Bias, at Issue 2 of Rascal Journal

Aphrodisiacs, 3:am Magazine

Zig Zags, November issue of Stride Magazine

700,513 views, November issue of Stride Magazine

Below Ground Level, Young Poets Network

19XX, March Issue of Stride Magazine

Ostracised, March Issue of Stride Magazine


Idle IdolsMay Issue of Synchronized Chaos 

Appliqué LaceMay Issue of Synchronized Chaos

Miss V, May Issue of Synchronized Chaos 

Memoirs of a WhoreVol 3, Chapter 6 of Visual Verse Anthology

Rays of Pain, Streetcake Magazine 

Printed Magazine Publications include:

Fur-lined Ghettos​, Stag Hill Journal, ToCall Magazine, 

The Projectionist's Playground, HTVN Magazine, Eborakon Journal,

Tangerine Magazine, Cuntry Living Zine and Alterity 



Included in the 'O Moon Moon' Cento by The Poetry Society

In Erosion in Dirt by Corrupted Poetry

Station to Station in 'Europoe' by Kingston University Press

Collected poems in Berfrois: The Book by Dostoyevsky Wannabe


Sea to Spawn in 'The Creel' by Guillemot Press

Neo-Futurist Manifesto in 'No, Robot, No!' by Sidekick Books

Xenelasia in ‘Wretched Strangers’ by Boiler House Press

Selection of poems in ‘Bedford Square Anthology 11’ by Ward Wood

Translations include poems into:

Slovenian by Muanis Sinanović, Spanish by Enrique Viana Suberviola, Russian by Maria Malinovskaya.



'A day that you happen to know' by Nic Stringer in Autumn Issue 68 of Tears in the Fence


Polychrome Kinesis, November Issue of Stride Magazine

Nature in all its Transcendent AgonyJune Issue of Stride Magazine