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A Tiny Jenga, 2020

Limited edition of 10 published by 8OX

Tech-junk Jumper, 2018

Interactive jumper with removable poems

Labyrinth, 2020

Published in The Abandoned Playground

Jenga poem I, 2019

Interactive Jenga-inspired object poem

Windowscope, 2019

 Object with shutters & slot for poems

Jenga poem II, 2019

Poem commission for The Poetry Café

Mirrorcube, 2018

3D poem from the Astropolis sequence

Test tubes #1, 2020

First showcased on the Mellom Press online exhibition Trånslatiøns

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 02.14.11.png

Islet Zone, 2018

3D Rubik's cube from the Astropolis