Guillemot Press (September, 2019)

To buy the book, please visit the Guillemot Press website.

16 printed colour pages

Print run of 250

Price – £6.00

Launched: 11th September 2019

Stargazing will be launched at the Poetry Cafe in a double book launch with Sarah Cave. Come along for a moon-themed night of poetry performances & cake with readings from Sarah and Astra as well as guest poets Anna Cathenka & Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset.

'As well as a flickering mythical narrative, these poems, with their attention to both phrase and white space, word and silence, ‘poiesis and void’, offer reflections on an almost metaphysical level.’ 

- Sarah Law, The Poetry School (full review here)


'[A] multi-layered, beautifully produced, playful and clever publication. Its strange graphic poems may have challenged me initially, but the pay-off was well worth the effort.’ 

- Zannah Kearns, Sphinx Review (full review here) 


'A compelling mashup of astrophysics and mythology. Stellar!.’ 

- James Knight

'These poems are deceptively straightforward, managing a complexity as fresh as a breath.’ 

- Rob McLennan (full review here)   

'A beautifully designed book of perfectly composed experimental, minimalist poetry; a pleasure to hold, peruse, marvel at.’ 

- Genia Blum (review here)   

'In this dreamscape, skyships fly alongside planets, swim in seabeds. Icarus is a spaceboy. His fall is polyvalent: the failure of humankind; the failure of poetry; a transformation into the asomatous'

- Andre Bagoo, Erotoplasty (review here)

About the publisher:

Guillemot Press is a small independent publisher with a preference for the simple, thoughtful and beautiful. They publish illustrated poetry and single-story pamphlets, postcards, full collections and other objects. Their books have won the Michael Marks Publishers Award 2018 as well as the Michael Marks Award for Illustration and a D&AD Award, and have been exhibited at a range of venues, including at the British Library and the New York Poets House Showcase.