Review Commissions

Apart from writing poetry herself, Astra has been commissioned by several UK magazines to review books of experimental poetry. Here's a list of books which have been reviewed by Astra in the last years: 

2021, Review of Ahren Warner's 'The Sea is Spread and Cleaved and Furled' for Permeable Barrier (Online)

2020, Review of Stephen Emmerson's 'A Piece' for Ambit Magazine (Online)

2018, Review of Nic Stringer's 'A day that you happen to know' in Issue 68 of Tears in the Fence (Print)

2017, Review of Rosmarie Waldrop's 'White is a Color' in November Issue of Stride Magazine (Online)

2017, Review of Daragh Breen's 'What the Wolf Heard' in June Issue of Stride Magazine (Online)