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Astra has carried out translations from Greek to English, as well as having her work translated in various languages. Translations of her work have been listed below. 

2021, German: Lisa Jeschke translated five poems that were commissioned by Poesie Festival Berlin 

2021, Korean: Isaiah translated selected poems for Knower Magazine

2020, Russian: Pavel Nattsol Zarutskiy translated poems from Constellations for Нож

2020, Spanish: Enrique Viana Superbiola translated three poems from Stargazing for Anthropocene Journal

2019, Russian: Maria Malinovskaya translated a poem from Almost a Dream for Literratura

2018, Slovenian: Muanis Sinanović translated Almost a Nightmare for IGNOR Festival

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 12.00.35.png
Побочные эффекты-1.jpeg

Examples of translations: German, Slovenian and Russian (left to right)

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