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The Poetry Kiosk is a tiny stand on wheels conceived by Astra Papachristodoulou in 2024. The Kiosk sells unique poetry-themed scratchcards (the first of their kind!) amongst other things, such as books and object poems. The themes of the scratchcards range from fortune-telling cards to mini curse poems and writing prompts. The Poetry Kiosk is available for booking for events across the UK - Astra is also open to scratchcard commissions and will work with event organisers to provide personalised and unique poetry-themed scratchcards. If you are interested to book the Poetry Kiosk, please send an email to astra.papachristodoulou [at] gmail [dot] com.


Astra’s page-based poems and objects often have an interactive dimension to them as a means of reaching out to wider audiences as well as engaging with readers and viewers in a deeper sense. From her Poetry Jenga which featured in last year’s VERVE Poetry Festival to other game poems, her tangible visual poems often take the shape of — and reshape or transform — recognisable objects. 

Selected adventures of the Poetry Kiosk!

2024, Free Verse Poetry Book Fair, Columba's Church

2024, Verve Poetry and Spoken Word Festival, Birmingham Hippodrome

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